Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a highly effective tool used by organisations around the world in various coaching and development scenarios. Psychometric tests (also commonly called profiles, inventories and assessments) usually involve individuals completing questionnaires to measure individual preferences, personality, and ability (e.g. verbal and numerical reasoning).

How can psychometric testing be used in your management training and leadership development strategy?

  • Pschometric testing London and Brighton UKIdentify strengths and development areas for use in coaching
  • Help screen and select job applicants
  • Assessing leadership potential
  • Identify high performers and appropriate development for them
  • Profile individuals and teams for team fit, team development and conflict management
  • Collect objective information and fairly compare individuals without bias

LCP’s consultants are accredited to provide a wide range of psychometric tests, assessments and profiles. Download our psychometric testing information sheet (PDF) for an outline of how psychometrics can be applied. You can also see the related area of 360-degree feedback. Click the links below for further information on these tools:

The poor use of psychometric tools can lead to inaccurate results which may lead to wrong assumptions about an individual or could lead to lack of care over personal data and privacy. To avoid such problems, it’s important to make an informed decision about which tool is appropriate and how to administer the testing effectively and ethically. We have a wide range of experience in the field of psychology and psychometric testing and are happy to advise if you would like further information on any of these tools or how they could fit into a broader development strategy.

Information on this page has been adapted from a guide to Psychometrics written for Alchemy for Managers by David Hoad and LCP’s Managing Partner Claire Walsh.

Also see LCP’s video for an introductory guide to psychometric testing, describing what psychometric testing is, how psychometric tests can be used, what types there are, what the advantages are, and what possible problems are. For a copy of this video or for any further information, do not hesitate to email us.