Jun 01 2015

June’s Recommendation – How to Read your Boss from FutureLearn

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.22.26FutureLearn is running a free online course developed by the University of Nottingham.

The course title is ‘How to Read your Boss’  and it runs for two weeks starting on 7 September 2015. The overview states that it requires a commitment of three hours per week.

The content covers  a number of linguistic techniques that can be used in a work setting to enhance both awareness of communication styles and communication strategies.  It has been developed on the basis of academic research and its course leader is Louise Mullany, a professional Communications Specialist from the Centre of Research and Applied Linguistics.

The course overview states “How to Read Your Boss will be useful for anyone working within businesses/organisations in the public, private or third sector, including managers and those with leadership responsibility.”

Course details, an introductory video and registration can be found here .

 Image credit: FutureLearn and University of Nottingham



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