I am delighted with the benefits that I have seen after asking Learning Consultancy Partnership to work with me and my team in developing a new and more effective marketing and corporate strategy for our operation. I found their service highly professional, with timely delivery and outstanding outcomes. With LCP’s help, I have learned new ways to manage my team while my workforce has developed new motivation which has boosted their productivity exponentially. We have already seen great success with our new strategy and look forward to reaping more benefits in the near future.

Laura Waterman | Manager of Sales and Marketing

Learning Consultancy Partnership was able to supply us with the ultimate in professional service. Their outstanding organisation skills were second to none, and the intensive support we received from LCP’s marketing specialist was exemplary. Thanks to LCP’s help and extensive experience, we have put in place significant enhancements to our marketing strategies, and especially in the digital sphere where we were struggling to make an impact. We were impressed by the level of understanding that LCP’s consultants had of our needs and the way in which they tailored their service to precisely suit our unique requirements. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Paul Clough | Marketing Vice President

As a large group of academies operating across both the primary and secondary education sector, it is imperative to have a consolidated and singular approach to staff management across all of our sites. We spent considerable time trying to find the right consultancy team to assist us in our goals, and we made the right choice in Learning Consultancy Partnership. We found the expert advice we received in people management and communication skills extremely beneficial, and we now have a coordinated approach across every campus. This new approach has enabled us to create a more unified and positive feel across our whole organisation.

William Osbrook | Academy Group Business Manager

Our organisation was struggling to recruit the level of talent that we needed to grow our business into the international market and were also struggling to retain valuable staff. Having tried in vain to combat this problem over an extended period, we finally conceded defeat and called in Learning Consultancy Partnership to help. We were delighted at the professionalism that they displayed. From the very beginning, they worked closely with my HR team to pinpoint the pressure points within our firm and to determine the reasons for high staff turnover. Once we identified the issues, our assigned consultant was able to direct us to find new ways to tackle them and to address the reasons for staff attrition. Since then, we have lost no further team members and have managed to attract two new highly skilled additions to our team!

Heather Goulding | Recruitment and HR Manager

Having recently launched my own B2B start-up, I was struggling to find ways to improve my sales. I found that the assistance provided by LCP’s business coach a lifeline. Before LCP arrived on the scene, I was floundering in the dark without a clear idea of my target audience and how to market to them. My assigned business coach worked with me to pinpoint who my customers were and how best to reach them. I was worried that my business wouldn’t last the year, but thanks to the time and effort invested by LCP’s dedicated team, my business isn’t only still going but is actually thriving.

Greg Livesey | Small Business Owner

I had been running a successful cleaning company for the best part of a decade and was keen to branch out to a second location. However, I wasn’t sure how I could go about this successfully, having tried to expand once before and failed in the enterprise. I decided this time to get professional help and Learning Consultancy Partnership was my first choice. I was extremely impressed by the way that my business coach offered me all the support and direction I needed to branch out. With his input, I was able to find the right areas to expand into and to tap into the appropriate market through an effective advertising strategy.

Dee Woods | Company Owner

We were having some issues in our organisation with friction between team leaders and the workforce on the office floor. We found that some of our leaders struggled to lead effectively, with some taking too laid-back an approach and others being too abrasive and direct. We needed some help to find a happy medium that would improve the morale and motivation of our customer services team. With Learning Consultancy Partnership’s help, we’ve seen an enormous difference in the way our team interacts. Our consultant worked with our team leaders to find new ways to cope with stress and pressure in the workplace. They also helped find new proactive yet supportive ways to motivate staff. Since then, we have seen an improvement in the atmosphere on the office floor and have retained more staff.

Arman Mohammed | Customer Services Manager

I have been running my health and beauty business for three years, and although I have been enjoying some moderate success, I felt as if I was coasting without seeing any great improvement or a significant increase in profits. I decided it was time to take some action and to push myself to achieve my greatest potential. LCP came to the rescue! My business coach wasn’t just incredibly friendly and helpful, she was also extremely knowledgeable and offered me expert advice that really helped me to drive my business forward. Thanks to her help, I managed to identify opportunities in areas I had not yet tapped.

Cleo Donohue | Small Business Owner

After running a successful high street retail business with several outlets in our local area for two decades, we decided it was time to expand our business into the online environment. However, we found it more difficult than we imagined launching our website and drive up traffic. Learning Consultancy Partnership’s digital marketing expert was a godsend! She helped us to see exactly where we were going wrong with the approach that we had been taking and pointed us in the direction of more effective strategies and platforms. With her help, we have now hired an SEO expert and are beginning to see results with an increase in sales revenue of 35% over the last quarter.

Barry Whitmore | Retail Chief Executive

Having felt the pinch in today’s economically insecure environment, I was asked to find a way to streamline our operations and to cut our spending without compromising on the quality of our services – a tall order in anybody’s book! I decided that hiring a professional business consultant would be the best way to achieve results in a short a space of time as possible. I wasn’t disappointed in the level of expertise and knowledge that the LCP consultants had at their fingertips. With their help, I managed to eliminate a number of unnecessary costs, streamline a number of processes to cut expenditure without affecting the quality and increase staff productivity to prevent unnecessary revenue loss. Thanks, LCP!

Cassie Gill | Finance Manager