Jun 29 2015

Learning Now TV

IMG_0724Our recommended resource this month is Learning Now TV, a free TV programme for anyone involved in organisational learning and development.  On their website it states:

“LEARNING NOW tv is a live-streamed internet tv channel bringing you inspirational interviews, debates and round tables, and advice and guidance on real-world issues to keep you up-to-date in the world of learning and development.

Membership to the channel is FREE. You will be able to interact with us on our social channel during the live stream as well as having a resource of the recorded programmes to refer to throughout the year.

Learning Now tv is run and produced by some of the L&D world’s leading authorities who have many years’ experience of reporting the real-world issues for today’s learning and development professionals.”

To give you a flavour some of the topics covered in the programmes so far include aXPI, learning design, women in leadership, digital learning, curation and MOOCs.

We’ve found this a fantastic way of keeping up to date quickly and regularly so a big thank you to the team who can be found here.

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