Jun 27 2016

A podcast for L&D practitioners about developing their line managers

button-892173_1280In this 17 minute podcast from the CIPD (June 2016) the host interviews Dr Mark Cole, Head of L&D at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation, Catherine Noel, L&D Manager at Cannon and Jennifer Wrigley, L&D Manager at Discovery Networks International about how they are tackling the development of their line managers to ensure their engagement and ongoing commitment to embedding their learning back at work.

They also talk about how they tackle the tricky issue of demonstrating value for money for the learning initiatives.

During the interviews the L&D experts talk about the complexities involved in working with a global, and culturally diverse, management population; the importance of ongoing meaningful conversations between managers and their teams in order to develop and maintain engagement; the issues of working with clinical managers and tools they are currently using to support managers in encouraging them to coach and develop their team members.

This podcast is interesting for anyone involved in leadership and management development as it raises many of the issues we all face such as what type of blended learning works best? How to engage a leadership population in developing their people skills when they have other demands on their time? How to demonstrate the value that soft skills training and development has to the organisation?

Although there is probably nothing new here for experienced L&D practitioners, it does show what some of the larger organisations are currently working on so it is worth a listen.

To access the podcast click on this link.  There are also many other great topics to choose from.

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