May 15 2017

Top 5 Apps Every Project Manager Should Have

This post is written by our guest author Edward Page from This Way Global.


When you’re tasked with managing people or projects, you’ll be needing tools that can help you plan, organise, collaborate, monitor, and communicate all those little big details that come along with project management.

Fortunately, there are tons of apps or software that are available specifically for project managers. They can come especially handy when you and your staff are working remotely from various locations.

Here are some of the top picks (in alphabetical order) based on efficiency and ease of use in team or task management:

  1. Asana 

Asana is a handy tool for organising your daily tasks or projects with provisions for creating to-do lists with sub-lists, setting due dates, and communicating priorities. The app is collaborative in nature so that you can share project details and any additions or reorganisations specific to a particular project with other groups. The app also offers its core features for free if your team numbers are 15, but you can also upgrade to get other features such as front-line support.

  1. Basecamp

This is one of the most favored software in project management due to its nifty features, which include a central location for everything from to-do lists, notes, files, and discussions at project and task level. The interface allows for multiple project displays and is intuitive—giving the app an overall user-friendly feel to it.

You can get a 60-day trial for free, but beyond that, you have to pay depending on the number of your projects and storage space needed

    3. MeisterTask

MeisterTask, although relatively new, introduces a fresh take on kanban boards, a scheduling system that originated from Toyota and is now an integral feature of a number of project management apps.

The MeisterTask dashboard allows you to create lists containing tasks that you can drag and transfer from one list to another. Through such lists, you can also perform other functions like sending of emails and resetting of deadlines.

It’s free for unlimited number of projects and users but costs some fees to take advantage of automation and integration features.

5. Podio

Podio is a neat app that has stand-out features such as a customisable project or task manager containing fields that you want to include. Tracking your projects or tasks can be done via list, card, or calendar views. You can also do a search for any data, item, or information within the platform, which can be really handy in making your recruitment process, for example, more efficient.

Plus, Podio has CRM and social intranet channels to track or ask for project updates from your team. Podio offers free and paid pricing options.

    6. Trello

Trello is another user-friendly kanban board-based tool for project management. As such, you can organise your tasks by making use of cards and assigning those cards to various stages in your workflow. You can assign members, create or attach checklists, set due dates, add comments, and include file attachments for each card.

This app makes it easy for you to track the progress of each task or card through its notifications system. The app is free for unlimited projects and users, but you may choose to subscribe to power up its features for a fee.

Many of these apps can be integrated into your system, workflow, or other third-party services or products currently in use in your organization. This means that it’s hardly likely for you not to find appropriate solutions for your project management needs and make your life way easier.

About the Author

Edward Page

With an eye for detail and attitude towards excellence, Edward Page has proven himself to be ThisWay Global’s guide in recruitment technology. As a Business Development head, he leads a team to keep on pushing the envelope when it comes to using technology for recruitment—a hiring process that focuses on diversity and less on the bias.

With a full grasp of ThisWay Global’s Match-ic technology, he’s willing to set foot in opportunities for the organisation’s growth and development.

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