360-degree feedback: a performance appraisal tool

LCP can partner with specialist provider of 360 reports Engauge, to offer 360-degree feedback. By assessing leadership styles, this powerful tool can provide practical goals as part of a broader management development or coaching programme. To enquire about pricing or how this could fit into your development strategy call 01273 590232 or email us. You can also download our 360° feedback information sheet (PDF).

Also see our psychometric tests page for alternative services.

What is 360º feedback?

360 degree feedback in London and Brighton UK360-degree surveys are a powerful tool for creating awareness of an individual’s performance with a ‘360-degree’ view from the eyes of those in their workplace. Collecting the views of line managers, direct reports and colleagues provides the individual with a more complete and holistic picture of their performance than feedback from their manager alone. Performance is measured against a range of key criteria to identify an individual’s strengths and areas for development, which can be worked on in training workshops, coaching sessions or on the job.

360-degree feedback improves staff performance by acting as a virtual blind-spot mirror, with new insights into working relationships revealed. Because 360 measures behaviours rather than personality traits, it is a pragmatic way  to pull together an action plan to improve results for not only the individual, but also those they regularly work with, having an impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

A simple 360 solution which follows best practice guidelines is well-planned and has a robust process will ensure the buy-in of senior managers. We can ensure maximum impact by incorporating 360-degree feedback into a development cycle, with a workshop or coaching programme,or at minimum, one-to-one feedback sessions where action plans are created and measurable goals set.

Who is 360º feedback suitable for?

360-degree surveys are useful for any employee regularly interacting with their colleagues, as it allows them to gain valuable insight into the impact of their performance on others. It is particularly recommended for leadership development, as managers and leaders are able to get a well rounded view of their behaviour from the perspective of a group of peers, a group of direct reports and their manager. Feedback can be effective for new leaders as well as those at mid or senior level.

What are the benefits of choosing 360º feedback with LCP and Engauge?

LCP can partnerwith Engauge to include 360-degree feedback in your training or development programme. Engauge can provide readymade and bespoke reporting, with reports always designed to offer clear insight without information overload. You can also choose to re-measure after 12 or 18 months, in order for individuals to track their progress in light of development activities undertaken.

If it is important to those giving feedback that their views are confidential then using a third-party provider is the only way to give this sort of guarantee, with the supplier protecting reviewer anonymity.

You can opt for a standard package which includes a range of competency frameworks, flexible processes, tailored rating scales, variations on question elements, choice of report styles and flexibility in formats. Alternatively you could choose a tailor-made solution which could add the benefits of your own competency framework, URL, branding on the literature and online tool. If you would like a sample report or more information of how this would work and how much it would cost, email enquiries@lcp.org.uk.

LCP can provide psychometric testing as part of our leadership development service. Don’t hesitate to call 01273 590232 or email enquiries@lcp.org.uk for more information. Also see our  psychometric tests page .