Psychometric Testing: Belbin® Team Roles

LCP’s consultants can use the informative Belbin Team Roles behavioural testing for leadership, team and conflict management into a broad range of training and development contexts. To enquire about pricing or how this could fit into a wider learning & development strategy call 01273 590232 or email

Belbin Team Reports are not typical psychometric or personality tests. Rather they are behavioural and incorporate a 360-degree feedback element, which leads to an in-depth report – invaluable for management training. The combination of self-evaluation and 360-degree feedback from seniors, peers and those managed leads to insightful results, invaluable for a range of leadership development purposes. The Team Roles that Meredith Belbin developed are today used in thousands of organisations worldwide.

“By identifying our Team Roles, we can ensure that we use our strengths to advantage and that we manage our weaknesses as best we can. Sometimes, this means being aware of the pitfalls and making an effort to avoid them.” – (Belbin)

Why choose Belbin Team Roles?

  • Unlike other tests, the reliance isn’t on self-reporting, where behaviours identified may not correspond with what others observe
  • Belbin’s software, e-interplace®, uses multiple sources of evidence to draw a conclusion by taking account of the degree of consensus on observed behaviour
  • Disparities between self-analysis and the perceptions of others can provide valuable leads for action
  • Those giving feedback are not required to make a fixed number of responses, because genuine responses are more easily obtained – and more valuable – when forced choices are avoided

What information do Belbin Team Roles reports give?

After completing the self-perception questionnaire, a four page report is received outlining behaviour and advising on strengths and weaknesses. The Self-Perception Team Role Profile is the first part which shows preferred roles; secondly and possibly the most frequently used, the Counselling Report advises on an effective management style which adapts to the roles in a team; the Character Profile gives further information on strengths and possible weaknesses as well as advising on job placement, and fourthly the Personal Work Style pie chart shows styles of working that would suit Team Role strengths.

This first four part report looks at how only an individual views their own performance. The second step of Belbin Team Roles reports are the Observer Assessments, a method of 360-degree feedback. This process involves asking managers, colleagues and those managed to complete a short assessment on an individual. These assessments can inform an individual’s Belbin profile, with feedback from four or more observers leading to an in-depth eight page report.

How can Belbin Team Roles reporting be applied?

Using Belbin’s e-interplace system to generate Team Role reports can provide invaluable information for leadership development, management training, recruitment, team building or team fit, restructuring departments, and conflict management. If desired, LCP consultants can build this behavioural assessment into a complete bespoke executive coaching or training programme.

Who is Belbin Team Roles profiling suitable for?

Belbin Team Roles assessments apply to managers, management teams or any employee working as part of a team.

Who are Belbin?

Belbin Team Roles is based on team role theory researched in the 1970s by Dr Meredith Belbin. Established as a partnership in 1988, Belbin Associates is a company based just outside Cambridge in the UK. Visit Belbin Associates’ website for further information on Belbin’s theory of team roles.

LCP can provide 360-degree feedback, psychometric tests and behavioural profiling as part of our leadership development and management training services. Don’t hesitate to call 01273 590232 or email for more information. Also see our Psychometric Tests page.