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Mar 31 2016

Workplace Wellbeing Index & Happiness Study

Tweet With organisations increasingly focusing on employee wellbeing this post explores two things: a TED talk by Robert Waldinger in November 2015 about the key findings from the longest study of human happiness spanning over 75 years and the upcoming Workplace Wellbeing Index from Mind. The Harvard study of Adult Development followed two groups of 724 boys …

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Jul 07 2015

TED talk on how to develop a growth mindset for learning

Tweet It’s no secret that I love TED talks and I have recommended them to colleagues, clients, friends and family over the years. This week’s recommendation came from Paul Matthews founder of Alchemy Performance Assistant , a breakthrough support resource that provides day-by-day support on every area of workplace learning. The talk is by Carol Dweck who …

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Apr 15 2015

Recommended video – Chris Berka TEDxSan Diego

Tweet Today’s recommendation is from a TEDx talk from Chris Berka in 2013 where she talks about her company’s research into neuroscience, learning and expert performance. She provides examples of how, by understanding neural pathways, they were able to move novices to expert status much quicker than they would have done on their own. This is …

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Feb 17 2015

Recommended video – TED talk ‘the case for emotional hygiene’

Tweet   Today’s recommended video is the psychologist Guy Winch exploring why we prioritise our physical health over our psychological health. He discusses how our inner critic can negatively impact upon on our self-esteem and how we can learn to treat ourselves with compassion by looking after ourselves psychologically as well as physically.     Image …

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Dec 09 2014

Three mobile apps for leadership development

Tweet Continuing with the theme of sharing useful resources in today’s post I’ll briefly review three mobile apps for learning and leadership development. Mind Tools The first is the fabulous Mind Tools app. This is a fantastic free resource which is broken down into 12 categories as follows: Leadership Team management Strategy tools Problem solving …

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Sep 20 2013

Recommended video: Philip Zimbardo on the psychology of time

Tweet The theme of this month’s newsletter is time management. With our uninterrupted supply of communication and information it gets harder and harder to keep up. So what’s the answer?  In our newsletter we will be delving into McKinsey research into time management to find out. This talk by psychologist Philip Zimbardo provides a broader …

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