Leadership and Management Training: ILM Qualification

For current or aspiring managers wishing to gain a recognised management and leadership qualification, LCP have partnered with Link Consultancy to offer ILM’s level 5 Award in “Leadership and Management Skills”. Read on for full details or see our Leadership Training and Development page for alternative services.

Essential information regarding ILM’s (Institute of Leadership and Management) Leadership and Management Skills qualification is outlined below – if you have any further questions do not hesitate to email or call us on 01273 590232. You can also download our ILM Leadership and Management Skills Qualification information sheet (PDF)

ILM leadership and development qualification in Brighton, Sussex, LondonWho is this Leadership and Management Qualification suitable for?

Although there are no formal entry requirements, participants will normally be either practising or aspiring middle managers with opportunity to meet the assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from the programme.

What is the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management Skills?

The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management Skills has been designed to give practising or aspiring middle managers a solid foundation for their formal development in this role. This is a concise qualification made up of two mandatory units. In the first unit, ‘Understanding the management role’, participants explore the nature of the middle management role and critically evaluate their own managerial ability. In the second mandatory unit, ‘Assessing your own leadership capability and performance’, participants explore leadership styles within their organisation, the commitment and motivation of their teams and their own ability to motivate teams to meet organisational goals.

Why choose ILM’s Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management Skills qualification?

  • Receive a industry-leading qualification from the UK’s largest management body
  • Improve management skills through both learning and practical experience
  • Advance both your competence and confidence as a manager
  • Work with experienced tutors with extensive practical experience
  • Receive individual support to suit your specific needs

The programme structure

Unit 1 ‘Understanding the management role’ is a 2 day interactive course. This is followed by an Action Learning Set (ALS) and Tutorial which provides support in applying learning direct to workplace situations and also to support delegates with their progress towards the written assessment for this unit.
Unit 2 ‘Assessing your own leadership capability and performance’ is also a 2 day interactive course and is followed by an ALS/Tutorial as above.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of Unit 1 participants will be able to

  • Describe the organisation’s purpose and its stakeholders
  • Explain the organisation’s structure, functional areas and managerial roles
  • Describe the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling the organisation to achieve its goals
  • Explain how interpersonal relationships and communication skills affect managerial performance
  • Identify barriers to communications and effective interpersonal relationships in the organisation and devise strategies to overcome these
  • Critically assess own knowledge, skills, personal attributes and behaviour, and their effect on own managerial ability
  • Identify areas for personal development to improve own managerial behaviour
  • Plan and set priorities for future development

On completion of Unit 2 participants will be able to

  • Identify the prevailing leadership styles in the organisation
  • Assess the effect the prevailing leadership styles have on behaviour and performance in the organisation
  • Assess own ability to use different leadership styles, as appropriate to the situation and the people
  • Assess own ability to communicate the organisation’s values and goals to others
  • Assess own ability to motivate others and build commitment to the organisation’s values and goals
  • Assess the levels of motivation and commitment to the organisation’s values and goals amongst the people they lead
  • Identify the factors shaping levels of motivation and commitment


There are 2 written pieces of assessed work that need to be completed in order to achieve the Award. A Work Based Assignment (1500 words) and a Reflective Review (2500 words). Full details and learner support is available from tutors to meet individual needs.

ILM Student Membership

All learners gain free studying membership of ILM for six months. This provides access to a wide range of online resources including reading lists, study guides, suggested websites for further research and other tailored resources to help participants complete their programme successfully.

Benefits of doing the programme with Link Consultancy/LCP

Previous clients state that the practical focus of the ILM qualification on applying learning to live work situations has resulted in visible improvements in both confidence and competence of staff. A number of clients have remarked on the participants’ ability to understand the bigger picture and develop a broader focus as a result of the programme.

Unlike many college providers, Link Consultancy/LCP enables delegates to complete the qualification in a short space of time. Consolidating the Award into a three month period helps maintain focus and momentum and organisations have reported a quantifiable return on investment within weeks of commencing the course.

Link Consultancy has been an accredited ILM Centre since 1999 and has considerable experience in delivering ILM qualifications at all levels. Link/LCP has a broad range of experience working with public and private sector organisations and businesses of varying sizes. All tutors have practical experience of operational and strategic management in addition to relevant academic qualifications relevant to programme delivery.