Psychometrics: Individual Effectiveness (IE)

Individual_Effectiveness_Psychometric_TestLCP can provide Individual Effectiveness (IE) psychometric testing; to enquire about pricing or this tool can fit into your management training or learning and development needs call or email us.

Also see our 360º feedback page and other Psychometric Testing services.

What is Individual Effectiveness?

JCA’s Individual Effectiveness psychometric test considers Emotional Intelligence as critical to effective leadership, key to success from sales representatives and important to employee engagement and profitability. The questionnaire measures 16 key aspects of human effectiveness and includes a 360º feedback element.

How could the Individual Effectiveness psychometric tool be applied?

The questionnaire provides an in-depth framework that can be used for follow up coaching and leadership development, addressing areas such as productivity, performance, resilience and job satisfaction. The questionnaire has a clear and practical format, which can be used by trainers, coaches, mentors, management consultants, HR managers and business psychologists.

How is Individual Effectiveness taken?

Individual Effectiveness is taken online, using a computer.

Why choose JCA’s Individual Effectiveness?

  • Significantly improve self awareness
  • Work on areas of potential strength
  • Benefit from 360-degree feedback
  • Improve both individual effectiveness and performance
  • Receive long-term benefits
  • Clearly outline areas for change and development

Who are JCA?

Behind JCA is a team of experienced Occupational Psychologists, focused on working with leaders and managers to increase personal effectiveness, well-being and business success. Their solutions are built on sound applied business psychology and focus on attitudes, feelings and motivations, which deliver clear practical benefits to the workplace.

LCP can provide 360-degree feedback and psychometric testing as part of our management development, executive coaching and performance management services. Don’t hesitate to call 01274 590232 or email for more information.