KCP Psychometric Testing and MAPP

At LCP we are able to offer the full range of psychometric tests from KCP, with a variety of tests, profilers and questionnaires to suit senior management as well as those in non-leadership roles. To enquire about pricing or how this could fit into a broader coaching or training programme call us or email enquiries@lcp.org.uk.

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Who are KCP?

“There’s a reliability factor with KCP tests that is missing from other products promising a similar outcome” – (KCP feedback)

KCP (Knight Chapman Psychological) were established in 1988, aiming to make the principles and practice of applied psychology accessible to businesses, public service organisations and individuals. As well as being developers and publishers of groundbreaking psychometric tests, questionnaires and assessment exercises, they provide expert consultancy in all areas of psychology at work. You can read more on their website.

How are the KCP Psychometric Tests taken?

Tests can be administered in a paper-and-pencil format, by PC or a palm handheld machine. In addition, the following popular psychometric tests can be taken online: Managerial and Professional Profiler (MAPP) and Influencing Styles Questionnaire.

What KCP Psychometric Testing is available

The full range of tests are listed below – click the names to view further information, including who the test would be suitable for.

Personality and Motivation Questionnaires

From the British Psychological Society’s review of Level B instruments:

“Overall, the MAPP is a well constructed, easy-to-use questionnaire which gives information on a range of occupationally relevant scales relating not only to personality but also to work-related values. It is, therefore, a potentially powerful instrument for the full range of uses in employee selection, development and guidance at the managerial and professional level and offers considerably more than many other popular instruments which deal exclusively with personality.”

Personality Questionnaires

Development Questionnaires

Ability Tests

Interviewing Aids

LCP can provide psychometric testing as part of our leadership development and management training service. We also offer learning and development consultancy. Don’t hesitate to call 01273 590232 or email for more information.

Also see our Psychometric Tests page.