Train the Trainer training

Whilst we are able to provide off-the-peg services at LCP, we always offer bespoke design for all our training, coaching and consultancy to ensure programmes that are tailored to our client’s precise needs. Below is an example Train the Trainer course program – simply email or telephone if you would like to discuss your requirements. You can also download our train the trainer information sheet (PDF).

What the Train the Trainer programme aims to achieve

This tailored programme takes participants through the training cycle shown below, with the main emphasis being on delivery. It allows participants to practice a number of facilitation techniques in a safe and supportive environment resulting in increased confidence and effectiveness. In order to allow a full amount of practice time we recommend that the course runs for two days, although a one day version is also available.

Who the Train the Trainer programme would suit

Train the Trainer is particularly popular in situations where subject matter experts are required to deliver training but may lack the necessary experience or skills. It can also suit organisations who would like to move their training in-house or develop their existing training teams.

Train the Trainer programme objectives

By the end of this workshop, delegates will:

  • have reviewed the skills and knowledge required to improve the delivery of their training and learning events
  • be able to facilitate and maximise learning for others by understanding and demonstrating working with different learning styles
  • have practised delivering and facilitating training in a safe environment and have received feedback from others on their delivery and facilitation style
  • have reviewed a variety of theoretical and practical approaches to training to help them to develop their personal skill set
  • have demonstrated effectiveness in delivering learning events
  • have reviewed bespoke scenarios and created specific action plans for dealing with difficult and challenging situations and delegates

Pre-course Work

Delegates will be asked to do some pre-reading and prepare a training session.

Example Content

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Understanding training within the whole ‘learning cycle’
  3. Working with different learning styles
  4. Developing effective training aids
  5. Kolb’s learning cycle
  6. Providing feedback and guiding learners to achieve their best
  7. Increasing your confidence in your delivery skills
  8. Practical activity – facilitating a learning event
  9. Handling difficult situations and challenging delegates
  10. Action planning and close